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Types of Massages

woman receiving a massage

Therapeutic Massage

A relaxation massage that uses a variety of techniques, to promote complete body balancing. Classic techniques of Swedish, deep tissue, and acupressure are combined to smooth away stress. Be sure to communicate with your therapist, as feedback ensures satisfaction for all.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy oils are gently massaged into your neck and shoulders, releasing endorphins into the blood stream to create a state of natural calm and serenity. Then warm Aromatherapy formula is applied to the back for a feeling of complete well-being. The healing powers of essential oils are blended to calm, detoxify, and reduce stress. Aromatherapy promotes optimal relaxation for the mind and body. Your therapist will assist you in the selection of an aromatherapy blend for use in you massage. (Aroma families: anti-stress, serenity, detox/drainage)

sinus relief massage

Sinus - Relief Massage

Relieve sinus pressure or headaches due to allergies or colds. This treatment emphasizes release points around your eyes, nose, neck and back and helps you breathe and relax deeply. Lymphatic & pressure point techniques are combined with an analgesic essential oil blend to open & drain blocked passageways.

maternity massage

Maternity Massage

During this special time in your life, this relaxing massage provides you with the extra nurturing you deserve. Relieves the physical & emotional discomfort that pregnancy brings, such as backache, leg cramps, fatigue, insomnia, headache & foot rejuvenation. We use a custom table designed for pregnant women. Greylock's Massage Therapy Center offers a custom designed massage for the mother-to-be. Maximum comfort is achieved with a specially designed pregnancy pillow that allows correct and comfortable positioning for baby and mom. Expectant mothers can enjoy the relaxing and beneficial massage comfortably up to full term. Relaxing yourself relaxes the baby too!

Scalp Massage

A great add-on to any service for those who love to have their heads massaged. We use Warmed aromatic oils are applied onto the hair and scalp followed by a gentle massage on the head, neck and shoulders. Great for stress headaches and improving condition of hair and scalp.

Deep Tissue/Sports

A Deep tissue massage will target chronic muscle tension and pain, providing muscular release, which restores muscle strength and mobility. An intense massage designed to work out "knots" and spasms within the muscle and connective tissue. Designed for the physically active person and for those who enjoy a more vigorous massage. This massage eliminates muscle spasms, warms the body prior to working out, and helps release toxins.

massage therapy