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Chiropractor in Belleville, NJ

Do you feel as though you’re taking a cocktail of medication to try and live a pain-free life? Are you generally under the weather and concerned your well-being isn’t as good as it should be?

Then you may be looking for an effective, healthier, and more natural approach to your health.

You’re looking for chiropractic care.

Here at The Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center of New Jersey, our chiropractors are able to offer a medically-proven, non-invasive, and drug-free approach to your health.

How Can Chiropractic Help You?

The techniques chiropractors use have been revered for hundreds of years as a way to aid a variety of ailments and to boost overall health.

They do this by targeting subluxations.

What are subluxations?

They occur in your spine when a bone isn’t moving as it should be or is misplaced, and they can have an overwhelming impact on your health. They have the potential to hamper nerve signals that are traveling to various points around your body from your brain.

This means a subluxation could have an impact on your entire body because these signals within your nervous system are imperative to the function of organs, cells, tissues, and other vital processes. Due to these signals passing through your spine, a subluxation may start to interrupt these communications.

But that’s where our doctors, Dr. Michael Chillemi and Dr. Christopher Kahanec, can help. As highly-skilled practitioners, they can locate subluxations before treating them to promote better health – both mentally and physically.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Though

While we’re confident in the manual adjustments our chiropractors provide, is there any evidence to back these claims up?

Yes, there’s quite a lot, actually.

For example, one study suggested that there are a number of great advantages to having subluxations treated – even if you didn’t know you had any issues beforehand.

And another explored the systematic benefits of chiropractic, suggesting that patients note improved circulation, better breathing, and improved digestion following the treatment. Again, this is even if they weren’t aware of their subluxations previously.

Enjoy Better Health by Booking Your Appointment with Us – Today!

All of the above highlights just how much your health relies on your nervous system. Where things aren’t running as they should be, you’re going to feel the impact in various parts of your body.

So while you may not be complaining of any ailments, booking an appointment with us could greatly improve your overall well-being.

Start enjoying the benefits of chiropractic - book an appointment by calling us today at 973-759-3020.